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Battleship Models


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USS Missouri BB 63

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USS Arizona BB 39

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HMS Vanguard British Royal Navy Battleship

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DKM Bismarck German Battleship

The West Coast's Premier Professional Master Modeling Facility.

Located west of Seattle, WA

Shipped Internationally

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DKM Tirpitz German Battleship

Destoryer Models

Destroyer Escort & Destroyer Minelayer

Fast Frigate, Fram I & II

USS Barton DD 722 1/96th Scale WWII Sumner Destroyer

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USS Charles S. Sperry DD 697 Post WWII Sumner Class Destroyer

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USS Alfred A. Cunningham DD 752 Sumner with FRAM Upgrade

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USS Thomas E. Fraser DM 24 Sumner Class Minelayer

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USS John A. Bole DD 755 1/200th Scale WWII Sumner Destroyer

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USS Beatty DD 755 1/350th Scale WWII Sumner Destroyer

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USS William R. Rush DD 714 Gearing Destroyer

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USS Garcia DE 1040 Garcia Destroyer Escort or Fast Frigate

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USS Fletcher DD 992 Fletcher Destroyer

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Custom Exotic Wood Display Cases

Case Lighting

Model Lighting

Working Engines

Attack Transport Models

USS Sheridan APA 51 Ormsby Class Attack Transport

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USS Lowndes APA 154 Haskell Amphibious Attack Transport

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USS Garrard APA 84 Gilliam Class Attack Transport

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Support Ship Models

Hosptial Ships & Repair Ships

Submarine Tenders

USS Ajax AJ 6 Repair Ship

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USHS Wisteria Army Hospital Ship

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USS Canopus AS 34 Simon Lake Class Submarine Tender

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We can custom build, restore and repair almost any model.

Aircraft Carrier Models

IJN Zuiho Japanese Aircraft Carrier

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USS Saratoga CV 3 Aircraft Carrier ID Model

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Early Era Wooden Warship Models

HMS Duchess Man-of-War Ship

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  HMS Pandora War Ship

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HMS Sultana Schooner Gun Ship

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Antique Decorator Model

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 Spanish Galleon

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Chinese Junk

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 - Buccaneers - Tampa Bay Football Mascot Ship

Internationally recognized, award winning, professionally certified Master Model Builders with more than four decades individual expertise.

Offering one-of-a-kind custom built models from kit embellished to full scratch builds.

Where museum quality and custom fine art model building is NOT just a slogan.

Custom designed fine art display cases with many unique options.

Professional model restoration and repair services.

 Custom Display Case Goods

 Model Repair & Restoration

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