Hummingbird Whilrigig Wind Toys

Color Combinations Available

Light blue, bright blue, dark blue, teal, emerald green, dark green, yellow, red, orange, purple, pink, white, gray and tan.

Sample Color Options

 Blue & Yellow

Hummingbird Garden Toy

 Green & Yellow

Hummingbird Spinner

 Red & Pink

Hummingbird Whirligig

 Dark Blue & White

Hummingbird Garden Art

 Yellow & Orange

Hummingbird Flying Wind Toy

 Grey & Blue

Hummingbird Wind Toys

Red & White

Red Hummingbird Wood Whirligig

 Green & White

Wood Whirligigs

 Dark Blue & Green

Custom Made in USA Whirligig Wind Toys

Custom designs, like these brightly colored hummingbirds, are our specialty. The best made whirligigs, whirlygigs and wind toys anywhere around. Garden art made to last.

Each one is hand made in the USA by American Artists.

Raven Arts, where originality and quality make the difference between craft and Art.

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