USS Cavalla SSN-684 Sturgeion Class Model Submarines

USS Cavalla

The Ship Model Masters of Raven Arts in Washington State are the nation's premier custom model ship building service located just West of Seattle, WA

Custom built ship models such as this 1/230th scale USS Cavalla SSN-684 Long Hull Sturgeon Class Nuclear Submarine are built by expert professionals. Each one is a custom work of fine art made by hand in the USA by Master Ship Model Builders with more than 40 years individual experience using only professional grade materials. Raven Fine Art Models, the proof is in the pictures.

Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations.

Raven Arts - Where model building is taken to an unparalleled fine art form since 1989.

That Raven Magic!

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Beyond Museum Quality.

Internationally recognized, award winning, professionally certified Master Model Builders offering one-of-a-kind custom built models from kit embellished to full scratch builds.


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Available in the following Short Hull configurations:
USS Sturgeon SSN-637 USS Ray SSN-653   USS Seahorse SSN-669
USS Whale SSN-638 USS Sand Lance SSN-660   USS Finback SSN-670
USS Tautog SSN-639 USS Lapon SSN-661   USS Pintado SSN-672
USS Grayling SSN-646 USS Gurnard SSN-662   USS Flying Fish SSN-673
USS Pogy SSN-647 USS Hammerhead SSN-663   USS Trepang SSN-674
USS Aspro SSN-648 USS Sea Devil SSN-664   USS Bluefish SSN-675
USS Sunfish SSN-649 USS Guitarro SSN-665   USS Billfish SSN-676
USS Pargo SSN-650 USS Hawkbill SSN-666   USS Drum SSN-677
USS Queenfish SSN-651   USS Bergall SSN-667  
USS Puffer SSN-652   USS Spadefish SSN-668  

Available in the following Long Hull configurations:
USS Archerfish SSN-678 USS Batfish SSN-681   USS Cavalla SSN-684
USS Silversides SSN-679 USS Tunny SSN-682   USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN-686
USS William H. Bates SSN-680 USS Parche SSN-683   USS Richard B. Russell SSN-687